Welcome to Salt Air Trading — Holden Beach, NC

Our office is located somewhere on the barrier island of Holden Beach, 500 steps from the beach and 200 steps from the waterway. Yep, the island is just that thin.

Who we are: Mark and Molly Tuttle

two aging baby boomers two old hippies living and arting on the barrier island of Holden Beach.

Who we are:

Mark and Molly Tuttle, two aging baby boomers, (we prefer old hippies, but whatever) living and arting on a barrier island of North Carolina.

We are ex-Graphic Designer/Art Directors/Website designers/Beach house renovators creating coastal themed art and apparel.

And, yeah, we still create websites and the occasional ad campaign and sorted and assundry beach house reno. 

Just the facts:

We moved from High Point, NC to Holden Beach in 2000. Yep, we were working from home, way before there was a pandemic.

All of our ideas and designs come from our experiences of living on a barrier island – Holden Beach, NC.

Most of our products are “Printed On Demand.” POD for short. Nothing is made until you order. Which means no inventory. No waste. T-Shirts and Prints made from sustainable materials.

Okay, that should be enough for now. Go ahead and shop.

If you have any questions (I can’t image) …


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