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It was about a year ago during an assembly our local group of taverners. At this particular meeting Jerry mentioned that a neighbor of his brewed their own beer. The subject was discussed at length even jokingly creating our own concoctions. We even made up some names for our mythical brews. Low Tide, High Tide, Ebb, Rip and so on. Someone suggested that we should really do it. I, being the only one without funds to invest and an old ad man said, “If you guys finance it, I’ll promote it!”

No one took me seriously of course. Few ever do. Weeks went by and then one day Low Tide was born … meaning the logo showed up on a t-shirt.

The brewery never took off but I sold a few t-shirts along the way. That got me thinking that maybe I could turn this t-shirt thing it into a business. But the thought of inventory, shipping, possible returns, yikes!  I began a search for alternative resources and discovered the wonderful world of “Print On Demand.” But that’s a story for another day.

It was time to build the ecommerce website. First I had to sell the idea to my partner. Did I mention that aside from being artists and graphic designers my partner and I also build websites? And did I mention that my partner is also my wife? Easiest sell I ever made. She jumped in kicking and screaming!

That’s how it happened. A year later here we are.

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